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    How to double your guest bookings | Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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    What if there was a way to double your bookings without spending a single pound from your marketing budget?

    “Baloney”, I’m likely to hear from most hoteliers. And with good reason. Hoteliers are fantastic at looking after their guests, but most don’t have an intimate knowledge of analysing areas of their websites that could be converting more website users into paying guests.

    Let’s say, for the purpose of example, that 10,000 potential guests use your website each week. Of those lovely people that have landed on your hotel’s website, you get 50 bookings, that is, 0.5 percent. Some may be happy with this conversion-to-sale rate, but if you look at many online retailers they’ll tell you that this percentage is low.

    Now, there are several ways that you can double the amount of bookings you get, from 50 to 100, effectively doubling your revenue:

    1. Increase the number of visitors from 10,000 per week to 20,000. You can do this by spending a huge wedge of your marketing budget on Pay Per Click or improving your SEO (search engine optimisation)
    2. Dedicate a massive amount of time and effort into social media activities, such as Facebook and Twitter.
    3. Improve your website so that the conversion rate increases from 0.5 percent to just 1 percent.

    Which of these methods do you think is the most achievable? Of course, it’s going to be number 3, and believe it or not it’s easier than you think.

    Check back in a few days for some tips how to increase your conversion rate.

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