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    How do we cross-reference our data? | Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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    One of the most common questions we are asked is how do we ensure that all our data is accurate? With millions of records of information held in the Visitr databases it would take hundreds of staff working full-time to check every single piece of information for accuracy, surely? And how do we know if an all-important telephone number changes?

    The answer to this questions is regular cross-referencing of data. However, how do we achieve this without employing hundreds of staff that spend their time checking and phoning numbers? Well, we’ve come up with a unique way of cross-referencing this data. Similar to the way that Google makes use of a ‘spider’ to crawl websites, we also employ similar methods. We’ve created a system that cross-references data we hold in our databases with information stored on the business’ webpage. Our software regularly crawls webpages, and if it spots a mismatch of information then it’ll flag that record in the database, and alert us to the fact. Then we can investigate and correct the erroneous information if required.

    Of course, this proprietary technology is still in development and being perfected, but allows us to cross-reference tens of thousands of records per hour, helping us to build an accurate resource for your hotel guests to refer to time and time again.

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